The Lecco Campus was founded in 1997 upon collaboration between the University and territorial bodies to satisfy the need for, in a highly industrial area with great employment potential, a university campus able to increase and drive collective growth through research and technological development.

Ever since 2006, year in which the Master Programs in English were first introduced, the presence of international students has steadily increased. In the first seven years of these programs, a total of 621 students from all over the world have participated. In this academic year, the Lecco Campus has a brand new university campus: 40,000 m2 dedicated to instruction, research and student services. This means modern classrooms where innovative teaching can take place, state-of-the-arts labs, and on-campus living space for 200 international and non-resident of Lecco students

The Lecco Campus is also committed to high quality and innovative research through the development of experimental activities and technological transfer.


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