A recreation hub – New Hotel + Health Club in Liberec, Czech Republic

Academic Year: 2011/2012

Supervisor: Prof. Massimo Tadi

Co-supervisors: Prof. Danilo Palazzo, Prof. Gabriele Masera, Prof. Liberato Ferrara, Atch. Petr Janos

Authors: Yu Jianghao

The location of thesis project is in Liberec (Czech Republic). Due to the existing tourist resource and protected landscape areas, defines the function of the project for A RECREATION HUB. New hotel + heath club. The idea is to create a formal continuity between architecture and terrain resulting in system of overlapping artificial and natural landscapes. Reorganise the urban network such as traffic system, pedestrian, city texture and so on. In this thesis, I try to justify that architecture and urban is an organic and united system. One of the goals of the project is to provide a new life style for local inhabitants as well as tourists in the dynamic modern metropolis.

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