Academic Year: 2010/2011

Supervisors: Prof. Massimo Tadi, Prof. Liberato Ferrara, Prof. Gabriele Masera

Authors: Jimeno Fonseca, Alvarado Alejandro, Vargas Verbel, Amr Elesawy

The thesis envisions the designing of the main public space in the heart of city of Calco, in Italy, starting from the Urban and Architectural scales, and reaching to the building details and services design, with the aim of reaching a zero footprint building. The research focuses on the Architectural and Technical details with the aim to reach a zero footprint building. This is considered to be the tool for evaluating the efficiency of the proposed design. By considering the inclusion of the concept of Zero Foot print building the project sets a compound of strategies and ideas that take advantage of the state-of-the-art technologies and processes, in order to create an overall solution able to satisfy low energy consumption levels, and a total on-site energy autonomy from renewable energy sources.

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