Nichelino 2010 – The Forest Biome

Academic Year: 2010/2011

Supervisor: Prof. Massimo Tadi

Co-supervisors: Prof. Danilo Palazzo, Prof. Gabriele Masera, Prof. Liberato Ferrara

Authors: Silvia Erba, Yiting Hu, Birhane Aregawi Weldegeorgis


The thesis is based on the competition proposed by Piemonte Region and the Province of Turin, that was asking for a project able to reorganize and improve the development of the metropolitan area of Turin, through actions of requalification, conversion and transformation of the territory. The competition is addressed to an industrial area, called “Area Viberti” situated in the municipality of Nichelino, which is a city in the first belt of Turin. It was required to maintain on site the current employment levels and at the same time to re-use the area for the development of new tertiary-productive activities. In addition to a mix of residential structures and facilities, open green areas and green houses that follow sustainable principles have been studied.

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