Re-thinking CASTLE PINCKNEY for 21st century

Academic Year: 2013/2014

Supervisors: Prof. Gabriele Masera, Prof. Massimo Tadi

Authors: Anna Tsareva, Golnar Abbasmajidi, Nikyar Neshat

Castle Pinckney, the oldest surviving fortification of Charleston city, has been forgotten for ages and declines continuously.

The general vision of this project is to emphasize the existing fort and give priority to that, instead of taking the attention from the old building to the new addition. This thesis project aims to propose a well-studied idea and solution for both Castle Pinckney and Charleston City to reconnect the city with island. The project starts with a comprehensive study about the city and fort and all their existing and future potentials. A light wooden type of structure is designed for the Castle, which has art gallery function. Moreover, we proposed an extension of the pier to create adequate space for a welcome centre, boat station and an elevated restaurant with a panoramic view.

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