Timisoara moving Green – Sustainable city via sustainable neighbourhood

Academic Year: 2011/2012

Supervisor: Prof. Massimo Tadi

Co-supervisor: Prof. Gabriele Masera

Authors: Amanda Daysh, Gizem Kahraman, Ilinca Ursu

Starting the urban requalification considering the natural context and resources in terms of orientation, location, climatic parameters, landscape and reaching the district and building design by modifying the anthropomorphic factors like car use, constructed solids, energy production. Treating the city as a complex system which adapts to any changes despite their scale and location in the hierarchy of the urban layers; the study defined the main catalyst for nowadays most profiting urban changes – transportation; emphasizing the transposition from “driving – in” or car dependent society to “green moving – in” concept or bicycle and public transport dependence. Furthermore applying this in a domino effect style the project elaborates a thorough program for smaller scales like district and building sustainable development.

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