Design Optioneering

Prof. Andrea Vanossi



The course of Design Optioneering is offered with the aim to meet the challenge that comes from the digital era. The digitalization process in engineering and architecture offers so many opportunities that it needs to be part of an organized learning process.

The course is divided in a theoretical part and a practical one.

The theoretical part is grounded on the theory of parametric design and integrated design. The bases are: the researches in parametric architecture of Luigi Moretti (1950’s); the concept of integrated design, based on the researches of Sir Ove Arup (1970’s).

The practical part is based on technologies and processes such as Mix Reality, Digital Fabrication, Computational Design, and Building Information Modelling (BIM). Those technologies, following the Hype Cycle of Gartner, are now arrived to the level of “plateau of productivity” and are integrated in the design environment.

By stressing the relations between parametric, integrated design and digital technologies, a new methodology in design will be proposed. This new methodology, based on the researches of Dominik Holzer and Steven Downing, is named Design Optioneering.

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